TV and Radio Pro – Book Studio Time

80 Hertz StudiosManchester, UK. ISDN & Source Connect allows us to connect digitally & in sync with similarly equipped all over the world.

Dubroom Studio – On the world famous Sunset Strip.

Hoax Studios – Central London. Live video webchats; audio post-production; sound design; V/O recording; ISDN; down-the-line radio days.

Marc Graue Recording Studios –  Burbank. Any voice over recording needs – ADR, DVDs, ISDN, custom sound design, even payroll services.

Radio Magic – Sonoma. Not only does the magic happen here, but they’ll rent you a place to stay for a couple of nights via airbnb.


StudiotimeThe largest online community to rent music studios.

The LA Radio Studio – For podcasting, video capable, ISDN/SKYPE, “On-the-air” phone system, location work.

The Network Studios – Los Angeles studios specializing in Pro VODcasting, Podcasting, and Voice-over. Rates by the minute.

Voices for Hire – Singapore. Some of the best rental rates around.

Wavemaker – Recording studio in San Antonio, TX, specializing in affordable services for VO and more.