TV and Radio Pro – Copywriters

Cook Creative Copywriting – Creative commercial copy designed specifically for the clients of your radio station.​


Creative Oasis – Copy, voice talent, production.


Susan Landry – Let me help you sharpen and polish your marketing message … you’ll find my copy to be the best investment you’ve ever made!

Jay Lohmann – Freelance copywriter and marketing consultant who creates “memorable and effective great radio.”

Randall Rensch  – “Fulltime freelancer combines broad marketing communications experience and a radio background, for fun radio copy that sells!”


Script Skills – Highly-effective dr, promo and commercial copy for radio, TV, websites.

Spanish Language Comm.– Copywriting and translation

Spotsworks Radio Creative Services 

Justin Taylor VoiceImage Productions 

The Eisenberg Agency – Award winning radio, television and print creative. Let everyone else’s ads be advertising wallpaper for yours!

Tony Writes – Tony Writes the words that sparkle, sizzle, dance, dive, radiate, alleviate, sing, shout, delight and highlight…the words that sell you.​

David Witz Radio Spots