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In addition to the industry and quick info links for daily show prep on our home page, TV and Radio Pro also features links to shows, talent, equipment, software, copywriters, jingle producersvoice over professionals, blogsstation brokers, legal info, consultants, marketing experts, associations, audio and video airchecks, cartoons, training, education, our Book Store, and  jobs.

We cannot stress enough: WE NEED FRESH JOB POSTINGS.  It’s no secret that thousands of talented people are sitting on the sidelines waiting to be called up. It seems most openings are filled by someone the boss worked with or knows of. There’s nothing new or wrong with that, but can we also give talented folks who have come up through the ranks a chance to be seen and heard again? Thank you! 

Incidentally, on our Jobs page, you will find links to useful info about paychecks, taxes, housing, moving companies, lifestyle and crime levels in cities all over the U.S.

Just added: something to do between TV and radio assignments – be a Mystery Shopper for fun and profit.



Now on our Training / Education page — broadcasting schools and home studio “how-to” videos, with more to come. Look for retrospective videos on Airchecks / Tributes.  Our YouTube subscribers will be notified of new postings.

Nostalgia can be fun, but NOW is an exciting time if you’re of a mind to start your own media empire. Never mind the latest trending worry. Develop your own opportunity.

They can’t kill creativity. Show us what you’re up to! If it’s fun, cool, new and exciting, don’t forget to copy us on it.

We feature occasional audio and video airchecks on various pages and would love to consider showcasing yours. 

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